Before we begin spray painting, whether we're working inside or outside, the zone must be spotless and clear. In case we're painting inside, furniture is either moved, secured with plastic or both, and floors are secured with clean sheets. In the case of working outside, the working region is cleared and furniture is moved or secured.

Utilising professional grade cleaning items, we clean and de-oil the uPVC windows and entryways that we're spray painting. It's a 2-section process, utilising items developed and sourced from the UK. The wiping procedure wipes off contaminants which guarantees an immaculate, durable bond with the paint.

When the windows and entryways are cleaned, we begin masking the surrounding frameworks. Glass is secured and taped with plastic protection sheets. Any adjoining surfaces are completely covered off to shield from over-splash. Tidy sheets are taped up, ensuring the surrounding areas are fully protected.

We remove all doors and sashes and refit after spraying – Once the masking and protection process is finished, our experts begin to blend the paint with a curing component – once that is done, the spray painting begins.

The professional grade paint that we use is touch dry inside two minutes, yet we generally permit a couple of minutes additional drying time to guarantee the most ideal bond for the paint. Our hardware is then removed from the site, the masking around windows are removed, and given a spotless wipe down, and we replace all silicone sealant to match the appropriate colour of your chosen paint, leaving your windows and home comparable to new!
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